Charlbury's Free Music Festival

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We’ll be back! 2024

Charlbury Riverside 2024

Yes! We’re back!

We have the dates, we have the technology, we have the inside contacts at the brewery. We might even have some bands!

Riverside IS back for 2024. As ever we will have the cream of new Oxfordshire talent and some perennial (endemic?) favourites.

We’ve got a couple of surprises coming – plus a new bigger bridge (this time NOT built by Andy….).

Nestled between Truck Festival and Wilderness, and here we are, perhaps the last island of beauty in the world. Well, the last free festival at any rate.

So pull on your dancing trousers and get down to the total and utter kings of rock and roll…

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Riverside is a FREE festival organised by a small team of enthusiastic volunteers. The festival is funded entirely by sponsorship, donation and pitch fees.

If you would like to help with a contribution to Riverside, you can now send a donation safely & securely by PayPal.

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The Riverside Crew x